1000/3000 Grit Whetstone Combo

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The DO 1000/3000 combo grit whetstone is great way to start your sharpening journey and to benefit from both a perfect polish or a smooth edge. 


The #1000 grit side is coarse enough to bring a dull knife back to life and the #3000 side is a great middle grit soaking stone, perfect to touch up an edge when a full sharpening progression isn't needed. 


What's Included?

  • Double-sided #1000/#3000 Grit Sharpening Stone
  • Non-slip Whetstone Rubber Base
  • Bamboo Non-slip Base


1000/3000 Grit Whetstone Combo


The stone includes a rubber stand that will keep the stone from sliding around on what ever surface you're working on. 


The whetstones is a Waterstone, do not put oil on it or you will ruin your stone. Holding the knife at a consistent angle while sharpening with the help of the angle guide is the most important thing to consider when sharpening; maintaining a flat stone is of equal importance.


For best results soak your stone in room temperature water for 10-15 minutes before use or until the stone stops bubbling and water pools on top of the stone.


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