Cutting Board, Black Walnut Pizza Board

$48.90 $88.90
These simple beautiful cutting boards are as classic as they are durable. Handmade from dark grained black walnut hardwood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns. Dark grained wood gives a mix of rustic charm and elegance to your kitchen.


  • Handmade, from dark grained American black walnut hardwood
  • Resilient, safe, food grade surface
  • Cost-effective material, end grain wood minimizes wear and tear on both cutlery and board.
  • Multi-functional board, serves as a prep station, cutting and serving board
  • Knife-Friendly Surface: The porous, soft straight grains of walnut wood make it a cutting surface that won’t dull your knives. Our cutting boards are gentle on knives while offering a self-healing property, the bacteria gets trapped inside and will suffocate & dry out eventually.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry
  • Long Lasting Durability: You get a thick, sturdy and reversible block that won’t warp, crack or splinter and will last you years if properly maintained



  • Material: Premium, handcrafted American black walnut hardwood
  • 4 options available, dimensions:
    • Small Board: 9.1" x 6" x 1" inch
    • Large Board: 16" x 9" x 1" inch
    • Medium Pizza Board: 14.2" x 6.7" x 1" inch
    • Large Pizza Board: 15.5" x 7.5" x 1" inch


Dicing, slicing and chopping. Use this board for preparing foods or as a table centerpiece for serving warm bread, cured meats or a baked pizza!



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