Rosewood Diamond Honing Rod

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Keep your knives razor sharp with this professional, premium diamond honing rod. You can use it to sharpen an assortment of knives including your Seido Knives! Any serious home cook or chef must own this tool. 



Some people think that sharp knives are dangerous. But the truth is that blunt knives are even more dangerous than sharp knives. When using blunt knives to cut meat, or tough vegetables, you have to slice and press very hard, over and over again. With that, you will exert more energy and apply excessive unnecessary force, causing discomfort and wrist pain. Moreover, blunt knives have a tendency to slide and press against food rather then seamlessly piercing right through it. This can lead to accidents, which is why regularly honing your knives is crucial.


The Rod

Also known as sharpening steel an essential to keeping your knife blade sharp. This long blade of pure honing steel has diamond chips for a quick and easy sharpening. 


The Rosewood Handle

An ergonomically designed handle made of rosewood and cast iron. The premium quality rosewood makes it durable, comfortable to hold and fits just right in your hand. That way, when honing the knife edge you can prevent undesirable accidents whereby it slips out of your hand. This rode is quality made and will last you a lifetime.

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How it works?

The main purpose of this item is to effectively hone your knives and maintain the razor sharp edge from tip to heel. All you have to do is slide the blade up and down the rod at the desired angle. This will create a surface friction that will align the blades edge. By doing so, you also remove particles that might cause the blade to rust and become blunt. Additionally, you can use this rod to sharpen other cutting tools such as kitchen shears or scissors. This honing rod is durable and a must-have in the kitchen. 


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