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The Knife Holder is more than just a sleek vessel for your most prized cutting tools. Designed with our Signature Series Knife Sets in mind, the stainless steel block will sit proudly on your kitchen counter, exuding boldness with fierce intention. Accommodating up to 14 knives (depending on the size of their handles) as well as a set of kitchen shears and/or honing rod, this knife holder is both versatile and beautiful.

Nothing extraneous, everything with purpose: that is the aesthetic guiding the design of the Knife Holder. The drain hole at the bottom ensures your knives are saved from deterioration, even if they haven't been completely dried. The non-slip base has been weighted perfectly so that the doesn't tip over or slide on your countertop. Even the exterior finish, a brilliant stainless steel, was chosen to prevent rusting and guarantee longevity.


Professional Quality

Our products are trusted by professionals because we only use the highest quality materials.

Easy to Clean

The Knife Holder's stainless steel siding can be cleaned easily with a wet sponge or cloth. You should regularly wipe dry the bottom base and/or rubber gasket with a dry cloth to ensure any moisture from your knives doesn't accumulate at the bottom of the holder.

Designed with Purpose

The Knife Holder has been designed with your kitchen and usage in mind. From the extra wide inserts to the drainage hole, every feature has a purpose: to make your cooking life easier.


Capacity: 14 knife slots to accommodate blades of various sizes (up to 8.25") with an additional extra large slot for scissors and/or a honing rod.

Material: Stainless steel siding with ABS & polypropylene plastic core.

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 9"

Weight: 15 oz.

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